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6 Oct 2013

The Hindhede Nature Park is part of the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve which I have visited 2 weeks ago. It is accessible either from (a) the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve Visitor Centre (on the left), or (b) the carpark to Bukit Timah Nature Reserve at Hindhede Drive. The Hindhede Nature Park is a relatively short walking trail, probably no more than 2 km for an entire roundtrip.
Originally, I intended to take on one of the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve trails. However, as the coming weather does not look too good, I've decided to just take a stroll in the Hindhede Nature Park instead.

Walking Bridges

The nature park start off with a long raised walking bridge with a few other small crossing bridges within the park. Converging picture of bridges often make good subject for photography.

Hindhede Quarry

I've always thought that there are only quarries at Pulau Ubin. Never did I expect to see a quarry on Singapore main island. The look-out point for the quarry is located at the end of the walking trail. There are also hikers and park visitor resting at the look-out point.

Interested in taking a nice quarry picture? Bring along a Graduated Natural Density (GND) filter so that you can reduce the exposure from the sky. (Note: The picture of quarry was taken without GND filter.)

Resting Hut

There are 3 resting huts (Gaharu Hut, Pulai Hut and Waringin Hut) where you can take a break. One would feel serenity just sitting around and just listening to the sound of nature around.

Playground & Exercise Stations

Along the walk, there are various exercise stations and there is also a playground located at the Waringin Hut.

Picnic Ground

If one is keen with having a picnic in nature, there is a picnic ground located at Pulai Hut.

Other Walking/Cycling Trails

The daring ones might want to try out the other hiking trails within the park. These trails are non-proper path with fair amount slopes to overcome.

Photographers should be properly equip with hiking shoes so that you do not fall and crash your equipment. It is also good to make sure that not to carry too many equipment which adds to the overall weight. Last but not least, make sure equipment (e.g. bags, camera, tripods) should be securely attached.


Monkeys and squirrels are often spotted. Careful observations are required when photographing them. Particularly, squirrels can quickly escape your view at the slightest sound made, so approach them slowly and carefully without falling off the slope (if any). If you need to, use a long telephoto lens for the "additional reach" to photograph them.

Trees and Plants

What else but many species of trees and plants in a nature park...

Visit for more photographs.

Other Precaution Advice

  • Always check weather forecast before visiting Bukit Timah Reserve Park. You definitely do not want to be caught in the rain with your camera equipments.
  • Make sure that you have a printout map as a guide for the trails or familiar with the resting spots in the trail that you are taking.
  • Always jot down the contact information (e.g. phone numbers) should you require any help.
  • Make sure you are properly dressed-up for the terrain (e.g. hiking shoes). 
  • Always watch your steps and observe your surroundings - you definitely do not want to fall off any slope or get bitten/attack by anything.