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7 Nov 2013

I made a photo collage of a bee moving around the flower gathering nectar taken at Fort Canning Park yesterday which I had almost discarded them.
(Please visit for the higher resolution picture of the collage …)

The photographs were taken from quite a distance away from the flower in the bush which I had tried to reach it with my 100mm macro lens on my cropped camera body (500D). As such the bee was looking really small in my original size photograph (see picture below). 

The original size of the picture taken with my EOS 500D has a resolution of 4752 x 3368. Even if the original size photographs are cropped to 1/3 the size, the bee would still be too small in proportion and will look uninteresting in the picture. If I further cropped it beyond 1/3 the size for a close-up, the resolution of the picture would not make it to my photography website (which anyway would probably be unsuitable resolution for prints).

If you ever had a similar situation, especially where there is a sequence of "activities" in the photographs, you can still cropped them for a close-up and collage them into a single picture with image which can produce interesting sequence of activities.

The photo collage would look more interesting and would help viewers to focus on the different movement or "activities" of the subject if each picture in the collage is showing exactly the same picture composition. It can be achieved by taking the sets of photographs with the camera secured on a tripod. If you do not have a tripod, try to maintain at least the same picture composition.