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31 Oct 2013

Today is Halloween and I wish everyone lots of spooky surprises with this self-made card using photographs of silhouette and glow-in-the-dark objects. The card is produced using photoshop by combining 3 separate sets photographs:

Haunted House, Tree and Moon

I've printed the picture of haunted house and tree from Internet and had their outline cut-out accordingly. I'd also drawn and cut the shape of the round crescent moon. The haunted house, tree and crescent moon were placed on the soft box with orange gel to produce the silhouette against an orange crescent moon effect.

Grave, Pumpkin, Ghost, Flying Witch and Bats

They are those glow-in-the-dark stencils that I had bought during my last visit to River Safari a week ago. I had put them under the light to produce the glow before photographing them using long exposure in a dark room. Some of them were converted to black and white using photoshop.

The Five Skeletons

They are 3D skeleton models bought from NTUC. Likewise, they were photograph using long exposure in a dark room.

Happy Halloween and have Lots of Spooky Surprises!!!