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8 Oct 2013

Do you still remember what are the toys that you play with during your childhood? Or do you even still have them?

Today, I was packing one of my rooms and I found an chocolate tin box. To my surprise, all my miniature toy cars that I used to play with as a kid were well-kept inside the tin box - thanks to my dad for keeping them for me.

These miniature toy cars were more than 30 years old and I could vaguely remember that I used to play with them everyday. So I thought I could bring them out for a photo shoot.

Give Old Toys Picture a Little Vignetting

Since it is miniature toys, it will give the pictures additional feel by just adding little vignetting effect to it after picture has been cropped. Although they are old toys, it is not necessary to give them the "vintage" effect in my opinion.

If you still have some of your old toys, you could have some fun and creative photography by setting up a theme for them. Throughout the process, you will refresh the memories and fun you had with them when you are a kid.

Enjoy the Pictures ...