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4 Oct 2013

To many of us who have grown up around Punggol area, one would be familiar with the old Punggol end (20-30 years back) where there is a bus interchange, seafood restaurant, jetty, police post and beach. I remembered that when I was a junior, I used to go there to swim, fish and have fun with many of my classmates.

Few days ago, I decided to pay Punggol end a visit during lunch. It was nostalagic going down the same old single two-way lane Punggol Road, where we used to take Bus 82 to Punggol End, except that I'm driving now.
I was totally surprised with the changes at Punggol end from my last visit 3 years back. This area is now called the Punggol Point which forms part of the 4.9km Punggol Promenade.

What's new?

  • A beautiful Punggol Point Park with lily ponds, toilet, shower facilities, and beautifully designed shelters.
  • A revamped Police Post at the jetty with a Viewing Gallery above that allows you to have a good view of the entire surrounding (i.e. the jetty, the beach, coastline of Johor's Pasir Gudang, etc)
  • A nature walk along the coastline on the east of the park, and a park connector on the right where both would paths would take you to Punggol Waterway.
  • A Horse Riding Centre behind the Punggol Point Park, with several restaurants which I did not have a chance to check out as it had started to rain then.
  • The Jetty has pretty much been the same though.

What's for Photography ...

The Jetty!

In one of my earlier post on "Coastal Park with Straits of Johor View", I've stated the fun of photographing jetty which you can refer to. One interesting part of the Punggol jetty is that you can get down to the beach right below the jetty - which means that you can take photos with a different perspective of the jetty (i.e. from the foot of the jetty).

Rocks on Punggol Beach

Interestingly, the Punggol Beach has a lot of rocks which gives good topic for abstract photography depending. You can also make full use of your ND filters with long exposure shots such as the one shown below.

Lily Ponds with Turtles

There are 2 huge lily ponds, which I do not see any blooming lilies except from the leafs. However, there are lots of turtles in the pond that stick out their head for "sunbathing". You can get real close to them to have close-up shots - thumbs-up if you like shooting turtles.

Johor Straits Coastline

You can get heavy shipping activities of the Pasir Gudang @ Johor Bahru which is directly opposite the jetty. (Note: If you travel further down the nature walk on the east of the park, you can also see Pulau Ubin.)

Ships & Boats

As compared to Woodlands Waterfront, I noticed that there were a lot more boats and ships in the sea. You can catch boats speeding from your left to right. As this jetty ferries people to Outward Bound Singapore, you can also catch boats arriving and leaving from the jetty at regular intervals.

Beach Activities

Needless to say, activities such as people picking up shells or fishing.


Based on the geographical location and "open" sea view, Punggol beach makes an ideal location for taking sunrise - perhaps one of these days, I should try to come here at dawn break for a nice sunrise photographs.

Thunder and Lightning

Personally, I think that the Punggol Jetty makes a great spot for photographing thunder and lightning. In that particular visit, I could see that storm is brewing at Johor Bahru where the sky is totally dark with occasional lightning. I've tried to photograph a lightning but give it a miss as the bad weather had spread to Punggol beach, and I'm not equip with my wet weather gears.

Birds or Bugs?

No luck in spotting any interesting species of birds except for the pigeon below :)

Other Notes

As you are photographing by the beach with strong sea breeze, it important to avoid changing lens as fine sands may get into your camera body. Sea breeze carries salt deposits that may corrode your equipment if you don't take care of them - so I always clean my equipment thoroughly after I visited any beaches.

I also noticed that there were some construction of a big building right beside the Punggol Point Park, and I had no idea what are they building. However, I hope that something vibrant and exciting is coming up.