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29 Sep 2013

Doesn’t it sound exciting to have a coastal promenade and park that offers a 1.5-kilometre of unobstructed view of the Straits of Johor?

Visit Woodlands Waterfront, where we can see Singapore Government’s deliberate efforts to create lush greenery in our neighborhood.

Unobstructed Coastline View

You can have a clear panorama landscape view of Johor Bahru, the causeway that joins Singapore and Malaysia, and the Woodlands Waterfront coastline.

Tips: It may be good to use zoom lens for your landscape photographs instead of wide-angle lens, as the Johor Bahru town is quite a distance from the jetty.

The Jetty!

I always find jetties a good topic for photography for a few reasons:
  • Converging path of the long jetty stretch.
  • Repeated patterns of lamp-posts.
  • People with activities such as fishing, strollers and cyclist.
  • Long exposure of the jetty that would produce a “silky” sea with dramatic clouds in the sky. To accomplish this, you will need a Natural Density (ND) filter and a tripod. Unfortunately, I had not brought along my 10-stops ND filter on both occasions – I’ll try to do so in my next visit :)

Playgrounds with Exercise Stations

Ships & Boats

Signboards (?)

I’ve always fancied the icons, pictures and messages that are put up on signboards, as they can be rather interesting.

What is difficult to look out for?

Wildlife and marine life photography – Frankly, I do would not see Woodlands Waterfront as an ideal location for birds or fish photography. I’ve only managed to spot a four-legged lizard that escaped my view in a split second.

Please visit for more photographs taken at Woodlands Waterfront.

You can get more information (location and directions) of Woodlands Waterfront from National Park website.